Have a Certified SolidWorks Professional modify or create Computer-Aided Design (CAD) models from an exist file, 2D drawings, an object, or even just a vague idea. These models can then be used to create parts and assemblies, quickly generate effective patent drawings, present your ideas through videos or realist drawings, and run many simulations and tests (such as FEA).

  • Get Things Made

    If you have an idea, prototype, or design, Sensible Technologies can use its ever-expanding network of connections to manufacture it to your specifications and optimized for your goals. Get parts in your hands through 3D printing, machining, casting, or various other manufacturing techniques. more…

    Get Things Made
  • Stress Analysis

    Identify potential stress failure points before production. Finite Element Analysis (FEA) allows you to locate and correct weak points in virtual models to save you considerable cost. Sensible Technologies can provide a detailed FEA report to assure you that your product will work without failing. Furthermore, Sensible Technologies incorperates FEA and other simulation techniques into the design process.  more...

    Stress Analysis

Product Development

Dozens of steps lie between the conception of an idea to mass production. Sensible Technologies will guide you through every step of the way. more…


Use Sensible Technologies’ expertise in mechanism design, motor controls, and programming to make things move. more…


Through Sensible Technologies’ expertise in design for manufacture, your parts and assemblies will be made to your specifications. more…

Sensible Technologies is an excellent resource for knowledgeable, cost-effective design engineering services... I highly recommend Sensible Technologies and plan to continue to utilize its services in the future.–Brent S., Inventor/Mechanical Engineer

Javi has done an excellent job designing, marketing, and protecting our new fish tape guide tool. He was very trustworthy and honest in setting up our new partnership after I showed him the invention. I have the utmost respect for Javier. –Julian M., Inventor/Entrepreneur

Sensible Technologies provided expert mechanical design and analysis services in reverse engineering and optimizing my surgical tool. Designs and studies were completed extremely fast, and Javier regularly met me for face-to-face updates and meetings. I strongly recommend Sensible Technologies for quality, fast, and affordable engineering services. –Dr. Luis Mignucci, Surgeon/Inventor

Javier is an absolute pleasure to work with, and I recommend him without hesitation.  He is passionate about his work and his effort goes well beyond expectations.  He is exceedingly resourceful, and value oriented – which should be prized by any entrepreneur.  Javier is honest, timely, and professional; he truly is a great partner.–Joseph O'Connell, Entrepreneur